Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Governor Visit Days

Last Wednesday governors conducted their first Visit Day of the academic year. Each governor is allocated a 'link' either to a subject or department of the school. Governors appreciated having an opportunity to talk to staff about progress that is being made the areas to which they are linked. 

Colleagues also enjoyed visiting lessons and were pleased with the positive behaviour for learning that they witnessed. I visited History and PE lessons, which were very different (not so much jumping through hoops in History), but both great. The History lesson was about the religious causes of the English Civil War. While I'm no historian I've studied that period a little and and it took great self control on my part not to keep putting my hand up and saying, 'Please Miss...' in answer to questions posed by the teacher. I was content simply to watch PE students enjoying themselves jumping through hoops, though. Thanks to hardworking members of staff for taking the time to meet with governors and for welcoming us into their lessons. 

We especially valued having the opportunity to speak with panels of students from all Key Stages about some of the changes that have been introduced at Matravers since September. It was good to hear their views, which were expressed in such a spirited, frank and thoughtful way. They had many positive things to say about the school, which was encouraging. We are grateful to our exceptional students for giving us their own unique perspective on the school.

We will reflect on feedback from the Visit Day at the Full Governors’ Board meeting on 9th December. We will be discussing what we learned from conversations with staff and students in our forthcoming committee meetings.

The governing board is grateful to everyone who made the Visit Day such an enjoyable and informative experience for all who took part.