Thursday, 12 December 2013

Your Governing Body Needs You

Ever thought of joining the SAS (Reserve)? Yes? No? If that's a 'no' there's nothing to be ashamed of. Neither have I. Not seriously for more than half a millisecond anyway. But if being dropped behind enemy lines and the like seems too demanding a sideline, perhaps you might consider something a little less dangerous? I may have just the thing for you. Let's cut to the chase. Fancy being a school governor? 

Currently we have three vacancies, for one Parent and two Partnership positions. Parents may nominate themselves. If there is more than one candidate there will be an election. Parents of Matravers students will choose who gets the post. Partnership applications will be considered by senior governors to ascertain which two candidates' skill sets best compliment the existing team. 

We would especially welcome applicants with a background relevant to the school’s PSHE curriculum, school finance or business planning. Some experience of governance would be nice, but training will be given. 

Tempted? Before you apply consider how well you match up against the check-list below. 

Matravers Governors...

1) Have an active dislike of quiet Tuesday evenings in and are happy to devote many a term-time Tuesday to governance.

2) Are not content with surrendering their Tuesday evenings. They occasionally give up additional time to attend training sessions in places like Devizes. No kidding. 

3) Are willing to visit the school and sit in on lessons, even though they have well exceeded the statutory school leaving age.  

4)  Are determined to master the strange and exotic langue that is educationalese with its mystifying jargon and baffling acronyms. 

5) Find analysis of school performance data strangely fascinating.

6) Think that Governing Matters magazine makes for utterly compelling reading.

7) Nod approvingly and in a very meaningful way every time someone says, "We have to be a 'critical friend' to the school". 

8) Find the idea of being paid for any of this stuff vaguely demeaning. 

9) Believe that the Governing Body can help ensure that every student fulfils their educational potential.  

10) Get involved because they want to make a difference in their community's local secondary school. 

So, how did you do? Reckon you're up for it? Get in touch with the school to find out more about the role of governors and how to apply, here

Who dares wins.