Thursday, 22 August 2013

Matravers students celebrate GCSE success

GCSE results press release: 

Students at Matravers School are celebrating their GCSE results with 51% of entries achieving five good passes at GCSE including English and Maths. This year our Maths passes A*-C are at record levels and well over the national average. Other high performing subjects were Science, where there were 100% A*-C pass rates for Biology, Physics and Chemistry and Art and Design and Photography with A*-C pass rates over 90%. Core Science, Textiles and English Literature A*-C pass rates were 80% or better and results in Drama, Geography and PE improved significantly.

There were many star performances among the year 11 students with the number of students getting top grades up sharply. Jess Holland who gained 10 A*s and an A grade, Shane Roy who gained 5 A*s and 3 A grades and Alistair Blance who achieved 4A*s and 6As. Gemma Sawyer, Chloe Merrit, Charlie Pickford and Chloe Bleakly all gained 3A*s and a host of A grades. Many other students achieved high grades including Nikita Turner with 1 A* and 8 A grades and Zoe Booth who also got 8 As. 

Congratulations to the year 11 students and staff of Matravers on another successful year; the school has improved rapidly under the headship of Mrs Beverley Martin and will continue to build on these achievements in the coming academic year. There are still a limited number of places available for sixth form next year. Enrolment will take place on 28th and 29th August; please contact the school if you would like to join Matravers Sixth Form. 

On behalf of the Governing Body, well done!